Uniting for Ocean Protection

Uniting for Ocean Protection

Source and Author: Lewis Pugh. 

Swimming is a solitary pursuit. It’s just you and the water. Yet preparing for a swim in Antarctica is anything but a solitary endeavour.

Aside from the physical preparation, there are expedition logistics and planning, honing campaign messaging, and the quiet, considered diplomacy that brings about real results.

I don’t just swim for the love of it; I swim to protect the oceans. And it takes a team of dedicated people to get that job done.


I started my training in the 16°C water with nineteen-year-old student Jadon Wessels. He pushed me hard and got me fit. He also made me feel my age.

Then I was put through my paces by Max Holloway, a marine physicist who wasn’t afraid of the cold – which was just as well when water temperatures dropped to 4°C. He got me cold adapted.

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