Protect tomorrow, make history today –  Support the largest act of Ocean protection ever!

Protect tomorrow, make history today –  Support the largest act of Ocean protection ever!

Leaders are considering three new marine protected areas in Antarctica. Collectively, the East Antarctic, Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula marine protected areas would protect almost 1% of the Ocean globally- covering almost 4 million km2.

Our world is reeling from a combination of the impacts of human encroachment on nature and vapid global leadership. Temperatures on the Antarctic continent are rising, waters are warming and ice is melting. There is no better time for us to act together in a show global unity to protect Antarctica.

Key decisions on these marine protected areas will be made at an international meeting (the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) this October. Leading conservation organizations, including Ocean Unite and Antarctica2020, are uniting together to mobilize public support to urge world leaders to take action this year and we need your help!

On the 8th of July a social media campaign launched on Instagram with the goal of collecting a million petition signatures.

See below or this link on how you can be part of this wave of support to protect Antarctica’s precious marine environment.


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#ANTARCTICA2020 – We need your help to reach one million petition signatures to create the largest act of ocean protection in the history of the world. With melting ice, warming waters, and fishing, Antarctica and all of the creatures that live there need us more than ever. And we need Antarctica: this vast icy continent is critical to stabilizing our climate and sustaining life. Please join us @onlyone in making a difference to protect the ocean for generations to come: repost this image and sign the petition at

Soft pastel by artist, activist @zarialynn

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