Creating the world’s largest marine protected area

Creating the world’s largest marine protected area

Source: Marine & Oceans

By Geneviève Pons, Directrice générale et Vice-Présidente d’Europe Jacques Delors, Ambassadrice d’Antarctica 2020
Director General and Vice-President of Europe Jacques Delors, Antarctica 2020’s Champion

The COVID pandemic that we are still wrestling with, has been a cruel reminder of how out of synch with nature we have become. This pandemic not only disrupted our daily lives in ways that would have been unimaginable just a year ago, it also delayed key climate and biodiversity action that our planet so sorely needs, with important meetings and decisions cancelled or delayed till 2021. However, this year
we have the opportunity to protect the future of one of our planet’s most extraordinary places – Antarctica and its great Southern Ocean. But to be successful we need political leadership and action at the highest level by world leaders. Antarctica is a continent so remote that many of us will never have the privilege of visiting it. Yet the devastating human impact of our carbon-intensive societies is undeniable in the
region, which in some places is warming much faster than the rest of the world. These warming temperatures, together
with continued fishing activities, are threatening its amazing wildlife- penguins, seals, whales – that are struggling to adapt to the rapid changes of their habitats.

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