2023 Expedition Journal

2023 Expedition Journal

Day 1: We left!

We left Punta Arenas earlier than expected. At 10:00 PM we embarked. The greatest adventure began. Let’s go to Antarctica!

Day 2: Dizziness is real

We woke up in the canals of southern Chile and greeted the glaciers.

We have advanced. The last light of civilisation we saw today was in Puerto Williams. We said saying goodbye to cross the Drake Sea.

Day 3: High Seas

We went out to sea. It is a different feeling. The ship has moved, less than we expected. We don’t want Drake to get angry, we’re going to give him the swim as an offering.

Day 4: This is Antarctica

We arrived at Fildes Bay. It is everything and more than I imagined. My heart beats. Fast. Soon we will have to look for a window to swim. In Antarctica everything changes very quickly.

Day 5: This is Antarctica

Today Bárbara and her team started the day with a visit to the Chilean Antarctic Institute base in Fildes Bay, King George Island.